Applications using Fall 2017 grades
Due by Friday January 26th - 1pm

  • Electronic verification is now available. Show your qualifying grades to Mrs. Werts when you turn your application and dues in.
  • CSF Membership is not automatic; it is based on scholarship and is gained after qualifying grades are earned. Each semester is based on the previous semester report cards. In order to become a member, the student must submit an application each semester the student is eligible. Applications are accepted at the start of each semester for about two weeks. A point system specified in the CSF State By-Laws establishes the membership requirements.
To be eligible, a student must earn a total of 10 points for the previous semester in no more than five classes
"A" = 3 points
"B" = 1 point
"C" = 0
  • "A" or "B" in an honors or AP course will receive an extra point, (up to a maximum of 2 points per semester)
  • No points are given for grades below a "B" and a student may not have a "D" or "F" in any subject.
  • Seven of 10 points must be earned in academic subjects and the remaining 3 points may be from non-academic areas.
  • NO POINTS ARE GIVEN for PE, summer school,student service or repeated courses.
SENIORS-need a minimum of four semesters of membership - One semester must be senior year.

FRESHMAN-you may now use your grades from spring semester of 8th grade to qualify for Associate membership!

Don't forget to include:
1) Application- both sides filled out
2) Report card or transcript ( please print from IC) OR Electronic verification
3) $4.00 dues *
* see Mrs. Werts in room 304 for questions
membership dues with your applications, please see Mrs. Werts if dues are a financial hardship

  • The completed applications will only be accepted in room 304 before school, after school and during lunch!
    Please do not interrupt my classes to turn in an application. All instructions and requirements for eligibility are on the application.
    • NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED! Once you pick up your application, remind your friends.
  • It is the student's responsibility to adhere to these deadlines.